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MARINE BIOLOGISTS Essay, Research Paper

Perhaps one of the most important administrations in the world is

the Nation Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, more commonly referred

to as the NOAA. It was established in 1970. There are 400 officers in the

program and over 12,000 employees. This organization helps the career of

Marine Biology and promotes its well being.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Marine Biology.

Marine Biology starts when there is pollution in the water and then

they take samples of the water and sea weed, algae, microscopic organisms,

fish, and large sea mammals. Then they examine them and try to analyze the

cause of the pollution to the fullest extent and try to come up with a

verdict on what the pollution is resulting from. Marine Biologists also

warn us of dangerous weather such as hurricanes, floods and cyclones.

Marine biology is also when the Biologists watch the animals reproduce and

see if they can get other animals to reproduce and see what they can do

with what happens.

A Marine Biologist can make around $60,000 as an annual salary.

In a typical day, they usually take their studies to the lab and do

research on it.

The involvement of science comes from the study of seaweed and its

habitats and the fish, what they eat, where they go, and how they

reproduce. They also look at the sea mammals and where they move, they also

see how whales and other mammals reproduce.

To be a Marine Biologist, you need a B.A. and a M.S. or you need 4

years of college, and you need to have experience or live by a large body

of water.

I would like to do it because I like the water. I am also good with

animals, and I like marine animals such as whales and adore tropical fish.

I would also enjoy working in labs with fish, seaweed, and sea mammals. I

think it would be fun to have a whale and watch it reproduce, or to have an

eel and a sting ray and watch them reproduce. I would also take two sorts

of sea weed and try to make a different sort of sea weed.

To be a Marine Biologist, you need to be smart and have to have

some experience with the ocean or a body of water. It also takes a while to

go through 4 years of college. Also you have to go through all the special

courses required to be a Marine Biologist. The good thing is you get to go

scuba diving and explore the oceans bottom, and you get to see all of the

beautiful marine wildlife and fish.

That is my report on what a Marine Biologist is. What they do in a

typical day, what their salary is, what degree they need to be a Marine

Biologist, how it is involved in science and why I would like to do it and

why others would like to, too.